Arpa Laminates - Custom Digital Printing

Digital technology allows high definition graphics to be reproduced HPL sheets, including photo quality images.

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Digital printing is performed with jet plotters using water diluted, pigmented and UVA-UVB resistant inks. Single furniture elements can be personalized and adapted to any interior design specification. With digital printing there is no limit to creativity.


  • 1.2 mm, single sided (HGS, VGS);

  • 2.0 to 4.0 mm, single sided (CGS for vertical and horizontal applications)

  • 5.0 to 15 mm, one side digital print, one side white (CGS for vertical and horizontal applications).

Format: 51" x 120"  (other sizes may be taken into consideration)

Finishes: Lucida and R.

Applications: table tops, work surfaces, furniture, wall panels and door skins, indoor signs (i.e. airports, hotels, office buildings, retail etc.)


The image to be reproduced can be supplied in two forms:

  • hard copy, together with its final size.

  • electronic format. The image must be submitted in 1:1 scale; images may extend over a number of HPL sheets. Four-color format (CMYC) is recommended for best rendering.

The final result depends on definition of submitted image; at least 150 dpi are recommended for bit-map files (PSD, TIF, EPS etc.), 300 dpi for vector graphics.


*Please note Arpa has recently updated their full collection. We are currently in the process of updating our website. Please contact us to verify pattern availability. Thank you very much!

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