Chromatix Colored MDF Panels

Available Colors: Red, Black (Dark Grey), Yellow, Blue Click to view a Larger Image Click to view a Larger Image

Special dyes are added to the wood fibers that provide uniform color throughout the product. Excellent for corporate, cabinetry, furniture, wall panels, tables, retail displays, countertops and much more!


Color Fast: Organic dyes are infused into the wood fiber so that they are resistant to fading when exposed to UV rays from artificial light.


Ecological: The wood fiber used in the production of Chromatix come from forest waste. There is no added formaldehyde. It is non-toxic.


Through Color: Organic dyes are added to the wood fiber during manufacturing. The dyes penetrate the wood fiber so that the color is uniform throughout the Chromatix board.


Non-Toxic: The dyes used to make Chromatix are the same dyes used to dye fabric. They are organic. The colors are soft and natural.




Retail: Product displays, Floors, Cabinets, Tables

Hospitality: Counter tops, Table tops, Store fronts, high moisture areas

Corporate: Walls, Cabinets, Seating, Tables, Ceilings, Counters

Fabrication Sheet

Sheet Size: 48" x 96"

Thickness: 18mm (.71")

Available Colors: Black (Dark Grey), Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Grey

FOB: Irvine, CA

Finishing Chromatix

1) Slightly fine sand the entire sheet and all edges;

2) Lay one coat of sanding sealer (following instructions on sanding sealer closely) on whole sheet, using twice as much on edges;

3) Allow enough time for drying.

4) After drying use a very fine sand paper to improve surface's smoothness;

5) Varnish (any regular Poly-Urethane for interiors would be fine);

6) Allow enough time for drying.


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