Lumicor blends the versatility of high performance resins with the world of decorative materials to bring light, texture and color to enhance any environment.

Texture Collections - Natural, Metal & Glass, Embossed, and Textile - let you create a memorable space through the use of different textures, designs, and patterns.

Natural Collection


Metal and Glass Collection


Embossed Collection


Textiles Collection


Color Collections - Convey the vivid emotion of fresh melon, moody blue, or sun-soaked citris - all in the subtle mica, woven, true and shimmer collections.

Mica Collection


Woven Collection


Shimmer Collection


Lumicor Factory Quick Ship

Factory Quick Ship

Lumicor can be used in an endless variety of vertical, horizontal, and 3-dimensional applications including; furniture, wall partitions, countertops, cabinet doors, displays, light fixtures, ceiling tiles, shower doors, office relites, signs and shelving. Because Lumicor is made with high performance acrylic and PETG resins, it has excellent clarity, outstanding UV resistance and is easy to fabricate. It is also available with recycled content for potential LEED points and can be cut, drilled, routed, bonded, sanded and thermoformed using standard techniques.


Lumicor Links:  Overview | Quick Ship | Naturals | Metal/Glass | Mica | Embossed | Textiles | Woven | Shimmer | Marker Board(PDF) | Marker Board Kit(PDF) | Green/LEED(PDF) | Specs (PDF)

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We distrbute Lumicor decorative resin panels for the entire state of California (Southern California, Orange County & greater Los Angeles - LA, San Francisco bay area and San Diego). Lumicor's products are environmentally friendly, and Lumicor is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, they can help provide LEED points for your projects.

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