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Installation Data


Oberflex Layers


- .040 thickness

- Sheet size: 48” x 120”

- New for 2005 Les Sables material with the same great OBERFLEX® finish with a new corduroy look.

The Oberflex finish is obtained by impregnating melamine resin into the veneer. There is also a barrier layer included between the kraft paper and wood veneer to provide additional stability.


OBERFLEX® panels allow for a wide range of horizontal and vertical applications, particularly in the following fields:

- Kitchen, bathroom and office furniture

- Commercial and institutional installations (restaurants, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, banks, etc.)

- Paneling of doors, partitions, elevators, etc.

- Interior decoration of aircraft, ships, railway coaches etc.

NOTE: OBERFLEX® is not recommended for exterior use and should never be used for outdoor applications.



Fabricators are cautioned to exercise care in handling and OBERFLEX® due to the fiber cell construction of the wood. However, after the sheets are bonded to a substrate, they perform the same as high-pressure paper laminates. OBERFLEX® sheets should be stored on a flat surface. If stored vertically, the sheets should be stored face to face to keep the sheets flat. It is advisable for two people to carry full-sized sheets.


Materials of whatever type are never inert. They are sensitive to ambient conditions (temperature and humidity). Due to their natural wood surface, OBERFLEX® panels are slightly more sensitive to warping than conventional laminates. All edges of OBERFLEX® should be sealed to prevent moisture penetration and subsequent discoloration.

Prior to gluing, they have to be perfectly conditioned. If they are glued when moist, there is a risk of cracking due to shrinking of the wood, particularly in winter when humidity often falls below 20%.

The best methods of conditioning is to store substrates and panels for a period of 8 to 10 days in the same room where the atmospheric conditions are the closest possible to those of the site where they are to be used. And material must be able to breath. This is especially important the in the case of overheated rooms without humidity control.

Ideal conditions are:

- Temperature: 18° C to 22° C (from 64.4°F to 71.6°F)

- Relative humidity: 50 to 60%

There is a risk of cracking due to shrinkage of the wood if the panel is used too moist, while if too dry a panel may expand with, as a result, warping or blisters on the surface, if gluing was not perfect.

Conditioning is effective only if air circulation is possible between the sheets during storage. When the substrate is to be faced on both sides it is advisable to stock panels and substrates in the same sequence as there eventual construction in order to achieve hygrometric balance. A dry atmosphere is preferable to high humidity.

NOTE: Due to the inherent properties of wood and the number of sheets cut from any given log, variations in color and grain will appear from one sheet to another. This of course is a natural occurrence and is not considered to be a defect.


Oberflex Fabrication Data


PVA, UREAFORMALDEHYDE- these adhesives produce an extremely strong chemical bond when used in conjunction with a laminating press. The temperature of the press should not exceed 140°F. Follow adhesive manufacturer’s instruction. We recommend the use of these adhesives whenever a laminating press is available for use, or when laminating large areas.

NOTE: Contact adhesives are not recommended for fabrication.



The panels can be applied to most types of core materials having a perfectly flat and thoroughly clean surface, such as MDF, chipboard, plywood etc. However, the use of solid wood is not recommended.

Gluing to metal requires careful preparation of the surface, particular attention being paid to thorough degreasing with a strong solvent (trichlorethylene etc.).

The panels must not be applied to plaster or cement.

Balancing: To avoid warping of a panel lined with an OBERFLEX® laminate, the stress on both sides must be balanced. The best result is obtained by using an OBERFLEX® laminate on both sides. Another, more economical method, though without any guarantee on our part, is to obtain a balance by using an ordinary laminate of the same thickness (note that OBERFLEX® panel thickness may vary depending on the wood species).


OBERFLEX® can be machined with any tools normally used to fabricate high-pressure decorative laminates. Please refer to NEMA Publication LD 3.1, 1991 for additional fabrication instructions. All edges must be a radius no right angels, this will cause splitting of the sheet.

Inlay Fabrication

A space of 1/64” to 1/32” should be left between adjacent species to allow for differences in wood movement.

Seams: A “reveal” eliminates contraction and expansion problems that are likely to occur if seamless or butt joint construction is utilized.


OBERFLEX® panels requires the same maintenance as conventional laminate: use a cloth soaked in soapy water or liquid detergent, rinse and wipe off with a soft, clean cloth or better, with a chamois leather.

To get rid of glue deposits, solvents such a trichlorethylene, acetone etc. can be used. Some specialist aerosol products for laminates give excellent results, in particular against finger marks.

Abrasive products, whether powered or liquid, should not be used.

Note: The relief finish requires very little maintenance, as it does not show finger marks.


Abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance: 400 revolutions on abrasion tester

4000 revolutions for High Performance Grade

Scratch resistance Scratch resistance: greater than 2N (approx. 200 g)
Impact resistance Impact resistance: 0< 10mm
Surface heat resistance Surface heat resistance: greater than180°C (356°F) for all Relief-finish species 
Resistance to cigarette burns Resistance to cigarette burns: No damage to panel surface after 60 seconds exposure
Resistance to household products Resistance to household products: Not attacked by normal domestic products


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